How to Move a Piano Without Professional Movers

When moving a piano, the first thing you need to do is unbolt the piano’s wheels. You should also unbolt any parts that you can remove safely. If your piano has lids, you should lock them up before the movers arrive. Doing so will reduce the work that the movers have to do, and will help prevent any problems.

Resell your piano to a music store

When selling your piano, it is important to identify the asking price accordingly. It should be approximately 10-15% higher than its Fair Market Value (FMV). It is also important to be flexible with offers and be prepared to accept offers between 15 and 20% less than your initial asking price.

When selling a performance-quality piano, it is essential to have it tuned, regulated, voiced, and cleaned. You should also polish any brass hardware. Whether you sell the piano yourself or hire movers, ensure that the piano is in good shape and ready to move into its new home.

Before selling your piano, you should research the brand of the music store you are planning to sell it to. The brand name should be easy to locate on the back or inside the lid of an upright piano. Grand pianos should have the model number located underneath the music desk. Once you have found a piano with a brand name, learn more about its features and advantages. You can also compare it to other pianos of the same brand or model.

A music store can offer you a higher price than you can sell your piano for on your own. The price you receive depends on the market value of used grand pianos in your area. If you have a piano that is in terrible condition, you should donate it instead.

Dolly and hump strap

If you want to move a piano yourself, you will need to purchase a dolly and a hump strap. The dolly should have four-inch rubber wheels that will protect hardwood floors. The humpstrap should go through the inside of the two dolly wheels nearest the piano. Be careful not to wrap the strap around your leg or it will break when you lift the piano.

A humpstrap is a soft but strong strap that you wrap around the piano. This is especially helpful if you plan on moving the piano upstairs. This strap can be used to guide the piano up the ramp and reduce strain on the moving man’s neck.

A hump strap is very effective for moving heavyweight objects, and it isn’t difficult to use. It can hardly break heavyweights. First, make sure you have enough space in the truck to move the piano. Then, secure all parts to prevent them from falling out.

If you plan to move a piano, you should also hire helpers. The number of people needed depends on the size and complexity of the move. It is recommended that you get a team of four to help you. You should hire movers who have experience moving heavy objects. The helpers should also be in good physical condition. Make sure that they wear appropriate moving clothing and shoes.

Furniture blankets

If you’re considering moving a piano, furniture blankets can be a great option. These can be used to protect your piano’s legs and casters, as well as your floor. Before moving a piano, you should first remove any other objects from the floor and secure any leg or pedal. You can also use moving pads and old blankets to protect the floor.

Pianos are very heavy and fragile. If you’re planning to move an upright piano, you’ll need to protect the keys by putting the lid in the locked position. Avoid taping the lid down to protect the keys. Moreover, you should use furniture blankets and padding to protect the piano’s corners and surface. The blankets should be thick enough to avoid damage.

If you’re moving a grand piano or an upright piano, you may need additional supplies to protect the piano. You’ll need a dolly to support the piano, moving blankets, and moving tape. Some pianos also need additional strapping or a skid board.

To move a piano without professional movers, you must take special care in the corners and doorways. Make sure you have several people to help you. Have someone on each side of the piano to guide it through the house. Then, use ratchet straps to tie the piano into place on the truck. Before moving the piano, you should wrap the legs of the piano with moving blankets. You should also wrap the piano’s bench with moving blankets.

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